Featured Projects



MSD works year round planning, designing, and constructing projects to keep our existing sewers and treatment plants in good, working condition and to upgrade the system to reduce or eliminate sewer overflows.


Some of our projects are in remote locations with little to no impacts on properties or traffic, while others have much higher visibility with community impacts.


Follow the progress of our currently featured projects below:




Anaerobic Digestion Facility

MSD is designing and building an anaerobic digestion facility at the Little Miami treatment plant. Learn more


Mt. Washington Source Control

MSD is designing and constructing new storm sewers in a Mt. Washington neighborhood to help control chronic sewer backups. Learn more


Muddy Creek FEMA Project

MSD has been awarded a FEMA grant to address flooding along Muddy Creek Road. Learn more


CSO 513 Partial Sewer Separation

MSD is installing storm sewers in the City of Reading to reduce CSOs in to the Mill Creek. Learn more


Ludlow Run Project

The Ludlow Run project is in the planning phase. Learn more