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MSD's Commercial Waste group manages our Pretreatment Program, which regulates industrial companies that discharge industrial wastewater into the MSD public sewer. The group also manages our Surcharge Program, which regulates commercial companies that discharge high-strength wastewater into the public sewer. 


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View our list of industrial users that are registered with MSD and permitted to discharge industrial wastewater at an MSD facility.


List of Permitted Industrial Users




View our list of waste haulers that are registered with MSD and permitted to discharge industrial wastewater at an MSD facility. Refer to the haulers with an "X" in the Industrial column only. For more information, please visit the Waste Haulers page.


List of Permitted Waste Haulers




All submittals must include a Sewer Use Customer Application AND all other applicable forms.



Industrial and commercial customers must pay for the services provided to them by MSD. These charges are based on the quantity of water used as measured by a water meter, minus any metered deductions.


Industrial and commercial customers can pay up to four separate charges:


  • Minimum Base Charge: A fixed charge for being connected to the public sewer system. It is applied to all MSD customers and includes the first 3 CCF of water used each month. Note: 1 CCF, or centum cubic feet, equals 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons.
  • Commodity Charge: A water usage charge applied to all MSD customers who use more than 3 CCF per month.
  • Surcharge: A charge applied to MSD customers who discharge high-strength wastewater to an MSD treatment plant. Learn more
  • Industrial Pretreatment: Annual fees for industrial customers in MSD's Pretreatment Program. Learn more

For more information about sewer bills and current sewer rates, please visit the Your Sewer Bill page




View our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Industrial User FAQs




View a list of regulations that apply to Industrial Users (IUs):


  • Pretreatment Program Rules, Regulations & Policies  From this page, you can access portions of MSD Rules & Regulations, which lays out MSD's fundamental powers and responsibilities. The portions include revisions to the Pretreatment Program approved by Ohio EPA and the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners.
  • Enforcement Response Plan This plan establishes the responsibilities and procedures MSD uses to enforce pretreatment and other pertinent standards relating to industrial wastes.
  • Monitoring Station Requirements & Guidance Requirements for an industrial wastewater monitoring station. These requirements are specified to minimize safety risk to employees and to reduce the cost of operating a monitoring station. The Compliance Services division of MSD periodically monitors wastewater discharges by collecting representative samples using flow proportional composite sampling techniques.
  • Batch Discharge Requirements Requirements for a single daily batch discharge tank for process wastewater.
  • MSD Industrial Stormwater Policy  The review of wet weather discharges is an important requirement for permitted industrial customers. Implementation of the actions required by this policy will reduce the volume of polluted stormwater discharged to the MSD system and control the rate of stormwater discharged from permitted industrial customers into the MSD combined sewers.




  • Periodic Compliance Report (PCR) Guidance The PCR was formerly known as the Self Monitoring Report (SMR). Reference information for completing the PCR may be found in this document.
  • Accidental Discharge/Slug Discharge Control Plan (AD/SDCP) Guidance The regulations pertinent to an IU's AD/SDCP may be found in this handy reference.
  • Required Posted Notice: English) / Aviso en Español This notice is to be placed at all IUs on a bulletin board accessible to all employees. It lists the phone number to contact MSD in the event of a discharge violation.
  • Quarterly Violation Report (select a report from the list below):
  • Annual Effective Report (select a report from the list below):




Please see below for helpful resources for Industrial Users (IUs):


  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System SearcH Tool provided by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to look up SIC numbers for industries.
  • Business Filing Portal Tools provided by Secretary of State of Ohio allow companies to look up their legal name and status. (Link updated February 9, 2011)
  • NAICS Codes  Tool provided by the U.S. Census Bureau to look up codes in the North American Industry Classification System.
  • Ohio EPA Wastewater Permits-to-Install (PTI) According to the Ohio EPA's website, "Unless specifically exempted in rule or statute, anyone who plans to construct a wastewater collection, conveyance, storage, treatment or disposal facility must apply for and receive a wastewater permit-to-install (PTI) from Ohio EPA before beginning construction.



More Info


Pretreatment Program Rules, Regulations, and Policies

MSD's Pretreatment Program. 

Learn more

Surcharge Program

Customers with high-strength discharges pay a wastewater treatment system surcharge. 

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Auxiliary Meter Program

An auxiliary meter is allowed when a portion of the customer’s water usage is not returned to the sewer system. 

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U.S. EPA Dental Amalgam Rule

Dental dischargers are regulated under this U.S. EPA rules. 

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