doing business with us

Business Opportunities

The City of Cincinnati's Office of Procurement manages all procurement for MSD, including construction contracts, professional services, and supplies and services. Learn more

Development Services

MSD's Development Services group is responsible for sewer records, availability of sewer service, sewer tap pemits and tapper licenses, and plan review, among other activities. Learn more

Contract Compliance

The City of Cincinnati's Office of Procurement manages contract compliance for MSD. Learn more

Waste Haulers

Waste haulers bring hauled waste such as sanitary sewage, grease, and industrial wastewater to an MSD-approved discharge location for treatment. Learn more

Capital Project Resources

Helpful resources for consultants and contractors who are interested in bidding on MSD capital projects or submitting qualifications or proposals. Learn more

MSD Rules and Regulations

All new and existing discharges to the system are subject to MSD's Rules & Regulations. Learn more

SBE Program

Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati are committed to increasing opportunities for small businesses. Learn more

Standard Drawings

 A listing of MSD Standard Drawings. Learn more