Go Green at Home



MSD is working to make our creeks and rivers cleaner and healthier. But we can't do it alone. We need your help!


Please join us and other Hamilton County citizens in becoming part of the solution.



Here's a list of common ways to reduce stormwater runoff from your property:


  • Rain Barrels - Rain barrels are a fairly inexpensive way to capture rainwater (AKA stormwater runoff) and collect free water for reuse.

  • Rain Garden - Install a rain garden on your property to capture stormwater runoff.

  • Back to Nature - Reduce impervious surfaces (e.g., blacktop, concrete) on your property where possible

  • Use Less Water - Reduce your water usage (e.g., doing laundry or dishes, taking showers), especially during rainy weather.

  • Landscape with Care - Avoid planting trees and shrubs near sewer lines. Roots can enter, block and damage sewers.

  • Inspect Your Building Sewer Regularly - Keep your private building sewer (sewer line between your home and the public sewer) in good working condition..

  • Learn "What Not To Flush" - Do not dispose of trash, pet waste, wet wipes, grease, oil, fats or household hazardous waste (e.g., paint, oil) down the drain! Learn more about What Not to Flush




Did you know?


During a heavy rain storm, each downspout on your house can deliver up to 12 gallons of rainwater a minute to the combined sewer system.


Rain barrels are a quick and easy way to keep stormwater out of the sewers and to collect free water for reuse, and they can be easily purchased at local hardware-type stores or over the Internet.


Rain barrels have been officially allowed in the City of Cincinnati since 2013.