Muddy Creek Pump Station Upgrade & Force Main



Project Overview

MSD will construct an upgrade to the existing Muddy Creek Pump Station in the City neighborhood of Sayler Park. This project will increase the pumping capacity to 10.5 MGD. The pump station will continue to discharge flow into the West Branch Muddy Creek Interceptor.


The upgrades include:


  • Modifying the existing regulator chamber for better hydraulics.
  • Installing a new headbox.
  • Replacing the three existing pumps with three new pumps.
  • Replacing the existing pump station piping outside the wet well and all existing valves for pump suction, individual pump discharge, the common discharge header, and the discharge force main.
  • Installing a new monorail crane.
  • Upgrading the elevator.
  • Upgrading electrical and HVAC equipment.


Project Status

  • Design is currently underway.
  • Expected Bid Date: 2026



Photo of the existing Muddy Creek pump station
Existing Muddy Creek Pump Station in Sayler Park