Check out the critters that have been spotted at the Lick Run Greenway!


Send us your critter pics and we'll add them to the webpage and to our Instagram page @CincinnatiMSD. We'll give you the photo credit and a free Lick Run Greenway t-shirt.


Please email the photos to so we can get their full resolution.


Photo of a mother duck and her 10 ducklings swimming in the Lick Run Greenway stream
Momma duck and her ducklings


Photo of a lizard sunning itself on a rock at the Lick Run Greenway pond
Lizard sunning at the pond


Photo of a flying crane
Crane flying over the pond


Photo of a monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly



Photo of small fish in the Lick Run Greenway stream
Fish in the stream channel, including a couple of former goldfish pets?


Photo of a deer
Oh my! A deer found its way to the Greenway


Photo of a turtle
Turtle sunning in the pond


Photo of a hawk