SBE Vendor Registration





Step 1: Register as an SBE with a certifying agency recognized by MSD


MSD is not a certifying agency. MSD accepts SBE certifications from MSD-recognized certifying public agencies whose SBE criteria does not exceed MSD's criteria.


Below is a list of certifying agencies that can assist you with obtaining certification, including Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity (EDGE). The list is updated as certifying agencies are vetted by MSD.



Step 2: Register as a vendor with the City of Cincinnati


Vendor Self Service


Vendors who wish to do business with MSD or the City of Cincinnati must register as a vendor through the Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal.






Step 3: Register with MSD


Vendor Compliance and Certification System
(click on "Apply For/Renew Certification")


Register as an SBE with MSD through the Vendor Compliance and Certification portal. SBEs can also register with the City of Cincinnati's Department of Economic Inclusion through this portal and track and report inclusion participation.



Step 4: Confirmation


Vendor Compliance and Certification System
(click on "Search Certified Directory")


After an SBE firm's information is received, reviewed and approved, a confirmation letter will be send to the company representative confirming SBE registration with MSD is complete. The firm's information will appear in the City of Cincinnati's Certified Vendor Directory.





The City of Cincinnati's Purchasing Division manages all procurement for MSD, including construction contracts, professional services, and supplies and services. Learn more about Business Opportunities at MSD.