CSO 513 Partial Sewer Separation



Project Status

Here's the current project status:


  • Phase 2: Underway - Installation of new storm sewers along Reading Road between North Street and Incinerator Lane.
    Phase 2 began in March 2023 and is expected to be completed by spring 2024, pending weather and field conditions. Once completed, the storm sewers will discharge stormwater into Cooper Creek, a tributary of Mill Creek. Traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction on Reading Road in the construction zone, and on-street parking will not be available. Starting in summer 2023, thru traffic on Gahl Terrace will be detoured for up to two weeks. Local access to Gahl Terrace will be maintained, but there could be delays.
  • Phase 1: Complete - Installation of new storm sewers in the area west of West Street adjacent to the Community Pool.
    Phase 1 began in September 2022 and was completed in February 2023. Restoration in this area, including the path along the Mill Creek, should be completed by spring/early summer 2023. The new storm sewers are now operating and discharging stormwater directly to the Mill Creek.




Map showing the project area for MSD's CSO 513 project in Reading



The CSO 513 Partial Sewer Separation project is a stormwater separation project in the City of Reading. This project, which is part of MSD's Wet Weather Program, will reduce the volume of stormwater entering the combined sewer system and therefore reduce combined sewer overflows into the Mill Creek.


MSD’s contractor, Sunesis Construction, is installing 9,000 feet of storm sewer and associated infrastructure between the two phases. The purpose is to divert stormwater from the combined sewer system and discharge it directly into the Mill Creek and Cooper Creek. This project will help reduce sewer overflows into the creeks. 


The project is located entirely within the northwest portion of the City of Reading.  It is divided into two phases as shown in the map above.