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    About 46 properties along Lusanne Terrace and Mayland, Thornbird, and Woodlark drives in Mt. Washington have been experiencing recurring sewer backups since 2011. In 2019, MSD began designing a solution, which included oversized stormwater sewers to store rainwater. However, due to unforeseen conditions, this design is undergoing re-evaluation.

    MSD remains committed to resolving the sewer backups, and the project is back in the planning phase.

    In conjunction with this project, MSD will conduct a planning study of the entire CSO 182 watershed, in which this neighborhood is located.

    Project Status

    The Mt. Washington Source Control project is in a revised planning phase. MSD has contracted with a national engineering firm, Stantec Inc., to assist with this effort. The revised planning phase will be used to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and impacts of an alternative project to manage stormwater and reduce sewer backups and sewer overflows in this area.

    Planning for the original project was completed in May 2019, and design started in September 2019. However, due to unforeseen challenges discovered during design, the design phase was put on hold, and the project has returned to the planning phase.

    The revised planning is anticipated to be completed by April 2021 and will be followed closely by the continuation of design. For additional information, click here to view the letter sent to residents in December 2020.

    In addition to the Mt. Washington project, MSD is kicking off a larger watershed planning study of the entire CSO 182 watershed. CSO 182 discharges about 58 million gallons of combined sewage each year into a tributary of the Little Miami River.

    The planning study will help develop new projects to reduce sewer overflows and also ensure that whatever solution is designed for the project area will align with an overall solution for the watershed.

    Mt. Washington Project Area:

    Map of Mt Washington Project Area

    Photo of the Mt. Washington project area:

    Photo of Mt. Washington project area

    Watershed Overview

    The CSO 182 watershed includes the Mt. Washington neighborhood in the City of Cincinnati and parts of Anderson Township. The CSO 182 outfall is located near the intersection of Beechmont Avenue and Berkshire Lane and overflows into Berkshire Creek. Berkshire Creek flows into Clough Creek, a tributary of the Little Miami River, which flows into the Ohio River.

    Watershed Overview Map:

    Watershed Overview Map

    CSO 182 Watershed Planning Area:

    CSO 182 Watershed Planning Area

    Photo of CSO 182 sign and Berkshire Creek downstream of CSO 182:

    Photo of CSO 182 sign Photo of Berkshire Creek downstream of CSO 182

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