• Wet Weather Improvement Plan (WWIP)

    The origial Wet Weather plan, valued at $3.1 billion (in 2006 dollars), was developed with stakeholder input between 2006-2010 with the purpose of substantially reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs), eliminating sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), and addressing sewer backups. The plan was initially submitted to the Regulators in June 2006. Significant changes were made in 2008 and 2009, and it was ultimately approved by the Regulators in 2010.

    Following the plan's approval, MSD began implementation under a provision called "Adaptive Plan Review." This allowed/allows MSD to evaluate more cost effective and innovative alternatives and to negotiate revisions to the original list of projects. The adaptive management changes to the Wet Weather plan include:

    • 2018 (Bridge Plan - see below)
    • 2015 (Minor Modifications to Attachment 1B)
    • 2013 (approval of a Revised Original Lower Mill Creek Partial Remedy)

    The Wet Weather plan, which includes a detailed list of projects, is being conducted in phases:

    Phase 1 (2009-2018): Projects are listed in Attachment 1A and 1B of the Wet Weather plan.

    Phase 1 was estimated to cost $1.14 billion (in 2006 dollars), but is trending at $1.011 billion. Phase 1 was rebranded as Project Groundwork in 2009, with a separate website and logo. Project Groundwork (click for Project Groundwork website) The 133 projects in Phase 1 are all substantially complete per the plan. Phase 1 also includes the Lower Mill Creek Partial Remedy, which is designed to reduce overflows into the Mill Creek by 1.78 billion gallons a year, primarily through the Lick Run Project.

    Click here for Phase 1 accomplishments to date.

    Bridge Plan (2018-2020):

    In the interim period between Phase 1 and Phase 2A, MSD is working on 26 wet weather projects known as the Bridge Plan.

    Phase 2A:

    Phase 2 of the Wet Weather plan will be implemented in phases over multiple years, starting with Phase 2A. Phase 2A, which was expected to start in 2020, has not yet been negotiated with the U.S. EPA.

    The original Wet Weather plan and its modifications can be found under Downloads to the right.

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