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State of Ohio Performance Audit of MSD

The State Auditor's office completed a year-long performance audit of MSD on February 28, 2017. The findings confirm MSD is a solidly performing organization, providing competitive return on investment to its sewer ratepayers. The audit includes 8 recommendations totaling about $2 million in potential savings within MSD's $100-plus million operating budget. MSD has already implemented several of the recommendations and will look for additional opportunities for savings.

Download the Audit.

View the full MSD Audit Analysis and Response.

MSD reviewed the performance audit and offered comment in several areas:

  • MSD has done exemplary work in containing operating expenses. In the last 10 years, operating expenses have only increased by 1% compounded annually.
  • MSD's Fleet has already been reduced to a level below that recommended by the Performance Audit.
  • Supplemental staff (contract employees) have already been reduced.
  • Only five of MSD's 18 IT staff work on the service desk. The remaining staff support business applications and infrastructure services, with the exception of three managers.
  • MSD's Customer Service Dispatch staff perform business critical tasks beyond answering customer calls, including managing the work generated from the web-based customer portal, monitoring alarms from MSD's overflow structures, managing work orders and provide office support. A contracted dispatch staff would not be cost efficient.
  • MSD agrees there is a lack of performance metrics for the day-to-day operations of the County monitor team. This has led to inefficiencies, a loss of productivity for MSD staff and a negative impact on construction projects.

  • Water Main Relocation on Queen City AVenueSeeing Orange on the West Side

    Ten major MSD sewer projects, as well as two associated water main relocations and a road repaving, are under construction or will begin construction on the west side of Cincinnati this year.

    The projects will impact traffic flow along major thoroughfares such as Queen City Avenue, Westwood Avenue, Westwood Northern Boulevard and Montana Avenue.

    Nine of the projects are required under MSD’s federal Consent Decree; the other is an asset management project to replace deteriorated sewer pipe.

    To help coordinate construction and make it run as smoothly as possible, MSD works with multiple partners, including transportation and public works departments, community leaders, the public and the media.

    If needed, MSD will modify traffic patterns, signage, barriers and work hours, etc. to reduce congestion and enhance access and safety.

    The projects include:

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