• New Products Committee

    Submittal Procedures

    MSD's New Product Committee will review submittals received according to the following procedures.

    1. Committee provides responses to review submittals twice a year, the first week in April and the first week in October.
    2. For responses by April, submittals must be received by the end of January. For responses by October, submittals must be received by the end of July.
    3. Incomplete submittal packet responses to the "Product Review Guidelines" criteria may be returned to the applicant at the discretion of the Committee.
    4. Decisions of the Committee are final.

    MSD's New Products Committee is responsible for reviewing applications, evaluating products and approving requests by vendors to use new products in MSD Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects.

    The vendor must prepare an application that demonstrates compliance with the Product Review Guidelines criteria listed below. MSD has sole discretion to approve or disapprove of new products.

    The application should be mailed or emailed to:

    c/o New Products Committee
    Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati
    Engineering Management Division
    1600 Gest Street, Cincinnati, OH 45204


    Product Review Guidelines Criteria:

    1. Demonstrate that the product conforms to all appropriate and applicable ASTM, AASHTO, UL, and other recognized standards. The Product manufacturer shall provide 3 hard copies and one PDF digital copy of all product specifications and other documentation.
    2. Document that the new product is equal to, or of superior quality to products of similar function that are presently listed as approved for listing in MSDGC specification for capital improvement projects.
    3. List locations where MSDGC staff can visit the product manufacture facilities to observe product productions.
    4. Show that the product has been successfully used for a minimum of three (3) years by at least 3 separate purchasing entities. Provide the name, title, and telephone number of the contact for each product user. Indicate any references where the installation of the product is currently underway.
    5. Product manufacturer shall supply information on the expected service life of the product and references to confirm this service. Manufacture shall provide a list of recommended spare parts. Local suppliers of the product and parts shall be provided. Availability and cost of manufacturer authorized field service shall be provided.
    6. The product manufacturer shall supply detailed installation, maintenance, and repair instructions as well product application design guidelines. Product Warranties, guarantees, and operation guidelines shall also be provided. Availability and cost of manufacturer approved training on product maintenance shall be provided. Product storage and handling instructions shall be provided.
    7. The product manufacturer shall provide a statement of the standard warranty they offer for the product. The manufacturer will be required to provide a 5-year extended warranty beyond the standard warranty.
    8. Upon request by MSD, the product manufacturer shall arrange for a review of an installation of the product within 150 miles of Cincinnati.

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