Waste Haulers

Waste haulers bring hauled waste such as sanitary sewage, grease, and industrial wastewater to an MSD-approved discharge location for treatment.

For more information about hauled waste, please contact Evan McGuffey with MSD's Industrial Waste group at (513) 557-5918 or Evan.McGuffey@cincinnati-oh.gov.

Cash or check payments for hauled waste disposal fees may be mailed to or paid in person at MSD's Development Services office:

MSD Wastewater Engineering, c/o Development Services
1035 Woodrow St.
Cincinnati, OH 45204
Office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
(513) 244-1330

Please see below for more information about waste haulers:

List of Permitted Waste Haulers

Click here for a list of waste haulers that are registered with MSD and permitted to discharge sanitary, commercial, and industrial waste at MSD facilities. Refer to the haulers with an X in the column to identify which waste streams the waste haulers are permitted to haul. Any hauler with an X in the commercial column is permitted to haul industrial waste after Waste Characterization review.

Bonding Documents

All permitted waste haulers must be bonded to enter and discharge into the MSD- approved discharge location. All new bonds must include volume verification certification.
  • Waste Hauler Bond Application: This is a bond form for industrial, commercial, and sanitary waste haulers. The bond ensures that any potential damage caused by a waste hauler at an MSD-approved discharge location is backed by said bond, and that MSD can be compensated for damages.
  • Renewal Instructions for Waste Haulers: This is the letter informing haulers of the annual bonding due date, annual vehicle permit fee, and the fee for disposal of sanitary and commercial hauled waste. At this time, applications are being accepted for 2020 bonds.
  • Permitting Documents

    All waste haulers must have a permit to discharge to MSD.
  • Waste Hauler Operations Form: This is an application for a Special Hauled Waste Permit for waste haulers to discharge wastes to MSD facilities. The permit duration is 5 years. Instruction Sheet for Waste Hauler Operations Form.
  • Sewer Use Customer Application: This form helps MSD determine if a company is potentially covered by the Pretreatment Program. Existing and proposed Industrial Users must complete this form as part of their permit evaluation process. Instruction Sheet for Sewer Use Customer Application.
  • Contact update sheet: Permitted waste haulers need to complete this form when company contacts or mailing addresses change.
  • Hauled Waste Generator Application Form

    Companies that generate industrial waste hauled to MSD for disposal must register their business operations with MSD.
  • Hauled Waste Generator Form: This is an application for companies that generate industrial waste hauled to MSD for disposal. Instruction Sheet for Hauled Waste Generator Form.
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