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In some parts of Hamilton County, Ohio, public sewers are not available nearby for homeowners or homes were built before sewers were available. In those areas, the wastewater generated from the homes is managed by on-site household sewage treatment systems (HSTS) which include both septic tanks with leach fields and home aeration systems. These areas are considered unsewered.

The Sewer Assessment process is one means of providing sewers to unsewered properties. Property owners may petition the Board of County Commissioners of Hamilton County, Ohio to extend public sewers to their properties. Property owners agree to pay their fair share of the cost for the public sewer over a period of time.

Public sewers provide homeowners with a reliable, cost-effective sewage disposal service that protects both public health and the environment. It spares the homeowner the cost to operate, maintain and periodically replace their home sewage treatment system.


Two Types Of Sewer Assessments

There are two types of assessment sewer projects - laterals and local sewers.

    Lateral Sewer Assessments Projects (click here for more information)

    A "Lateral Sewer" assessment may be requested by a single-family property where a public sewer exists and is accessible to the single-family property. One property will be benefited by an extension of a sewer lateral.


    Local Sewer Assessments Projects (click here for more information)

    A"Local Sewer" assessment may be requested by a property where no public sewer exists that is accessible by the property.

How Much Does An Assessment Sewer Cost?

For any assessment sewer project, there are three main costs:

  • Public-side: the cost of the public sewer improvement will not exceed $12,000 per benefited property.
  • Tap-in Fee: for permits to convert from a home sewage treatment system to sewer service. The fee is $480 for a single-family residence or condo unit.
  • Private-side: the cost to decommission your existing home sewage treatment system and install the building drain. This price varies per parcel and MSD recommends obtaining multiple bids from private contractors. This cost is NOT part of the assessment and cannot be placed on property taxes.


Local Assessment Projects List

For information on assessment projects, please select from the list below.

For More Information

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