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    Project Description

    The proposed Kenwood Hills Local Sewer will benefit 160 parcels, including 159 parcels categorized as single family and one parcel categorized as forestry with building. The project will eliminate 160 household sewage treatment systems (HSTS). MSD proposes to construct approximately 1,200 linear feet of 1.5-inch diameter pressure sewer, 2,000 linear feet of 2.0-inchdiameter pressure sewer, 9,500 linear feet of 8-inch diameter gravity sewer, 42, 1.5-inch diameter sewer laterals, 119, 6-inch diameter sewer laterals, and other sewer appurtenances. The proposed sanitary sewer will outfall to S.S. No. 3042 in Camargo Road.


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    For more information, please contact the MSD's Engineering Customer Service at (513) 557-3594 or MSD.Communications@cincinnati-oh.gov.

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