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Due to the nature of their business, food service establishments and restaurants have requirements relating to wastewater disposal and treatment. Some of the key regulations, forms and important information related to MSD's food service customers are available below.

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) can collect in the sewer system and create blockages. These blockages lead to backups and overflow of sewage in basements and homes and damage the sewer pipes. It is the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, Division of Industrial Waste’s (MSD-DIW) goal to prevent this from happening, both through preventative measures and increased maintenance.

The Metropolitan Sewer District, Division of Industrial Waste currently requires Food Service Operations (FSO) in Hamilton County to register with the District. FSO registration provides valuable information that will improve the level of service MSD-DIW provides its users. This registration program helps MSD-DIW prevent the health and safety impacts, as well as property damage associated with FOG caused overflows.

If you have questions concerning MSD’s Pretreatment Program for food service and other commercial/industrial users, please contact the Division of Industrial Waste at (513) 557-7000. Our professional staff will be glad to assist you in determining whether your company is covered by these regulations, as well as answer your questions on the subject of industrial wastewater processing and disposal.

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