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MSD Account Review Process

Sewer charges are based in part on the amount of water used at your property. If you have problems with your water system, this can sometimes affect your sewer bill.

If you are an MSD customer who receives their water and sewer bill from Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) and have experienced a water leak that did not drain into the MSD public sewer, please contact GCWW at (513) 591-7700.

After speaking with GCWW, you may be asked to submit an MSD Account Review Form to request a review of your account to see if your bill can be adjusted.

Note: In cases of water leaks from toilets or other interior fixtures where the water went down the drain and entered the MSD public sewer system, MSD cannot issue a credit. However, if the leak occurred during the winter period (quarterly billing period ending in February, March or April that establishes your maximum water consumption for the next 12 months), MSD will review the water consumption to see if it can be adjusted. Winter period adjustments are limited to residential customers (one- and two-family only).

How to Submit the MSD Account Review Form

You must submit your request for an account review in writing, using the MSD Account Review Form along with required documentation (e.g., plumber's bill, photos). We cannot accept requests for reviews over the telephone.

There are three ways to submit an MSD Account Review Form:

MSD Account Review Team
GCWW Billing Operations
4747 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45232

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