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Bid Results: 846 Kreis Lane Demolition


This project has been bid and the construction contract is being processed. For bidding/contract details or information on the contract status, please contact the Contract Administrator listed in the table below. For project-specific details, please contact the Project Manager at the number listed in the table below.


Bid Results

Project Name

846 Kreis Lane Demolition

Project ID


Bid Opened


Project Type

Building Demolition

Low Bidder

B & B Wrecking & Excavating, Inc.

Low Bid

$10,480.00 (Demolition Contractor)    

Legislated Amount


Contract Status

Contract Processing

Project Manager

Julie Schroeder  @ 513-244-1339

Contract Administrator

Anna Bennett, 513-557-7122

Time to Complete

One months after contract award


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Bid Amount Bidder Recorded & Read at Bid Opening $11,300.00

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Addendum 2

Prevailing Wages


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