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On Sale: CSO 470 & CSO 471 Sewer Separation Phase 3


This project is on sale now at MSDGC Plan Sales. Please see the links below for information on specifications, plan holders, and applicable bid requirements. Questions should be directed via e-mail to MSDGC Contract Administration Supervisor, at MSD.procurement@cincinnati-oh.gov. Questions must be received by the deadline for questions as established in the project legal notice, shown below. The person submitting this request is responsible for its prompt delivery and confirmed receipt.

Interested Bidders MUST purchase a set of bid documents from MSDGC Plan Sales, by calling (513) 557-7118 or in person at the following address:  Wastewater Engineering Education Center Building, Taps, Records and Permits Entrance,1035 Woodrow Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45204. Plan Holders / Bidders MUST provide MSDGC with current company name, contact name, address, telephone, e-mail address and fax number information.  Plan Holders / Bidders must keep this information current and provide any changes to MSDGC. 


Bid Review

Project Name

CSO 470 & CSO 471 Sewer Separation Phase 3

Project ID


Bid to Open


Project Type

Sanitary Sewer

Low Bidder

SEE Bid Tabulations

Low Bid

SEE Bid Tabulations

Contract Status

Bids Under Review

Project Manager

Jeff Dean,   244-1364

Contract Administrator

Kathy Dove 557-7111

Time to Complete

Nineteen month(s)  after Notice to Proceed


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Legal Notice

Detailed Provisions

Bid Items

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Plan Holders List

Bid Booklet

Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Addendum 3

Addendum 4

Addendum 5

Local Hire

Responsible Bidder


Prevailing Wages

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