Stormwater Fees

SMU is funded by an equitable storm drainage service charge, based on each property’s contribution to stormwater runoff, collected from all property owners in the city. The only exempted properties are undeveloped land and street rights-of-way.

One and two family residential properties, under 10,000 square feet in land area (approximately 0.23 acres), pay $42.48 annually.

One and two family residential properties, over 10,000 square feet in land area (approximately 0.23 acres), pay $59.52 annually.

All other properties within the city, including three and four family apartments, institutional, commercial, industrial and agricultural, pay a variable service charge based upon existing land use and the area of the property. The formula used to calculate this charge is as follows:

  • (Area Range Number) x (Intensity Development Factor) x (charge per 1 Equivalent Runoff Unit)

The Area Range Number is a number assigned by the utility division for the purpose of calculating storm drainage service charges, based on the total square footage of lots or parcels.

Lot or parcel area in square feet Area Range Number
0 to 2,000 1
2,001 to 4,000 2
4,001 to 6,000 3
6,001 to 8,000 4
8,001 to 10,000 5
10,001 to 12,000 6
12,001 to 14,000 7
14,001 to 16,000 8
16,001 to 18,000 9
18,001 to 20,000 10
continues in 2,000 increments continues

The Intensity Development Factor (IDF) is an indication of the runoff coefficient or percentage of impervious coverage on or in a lot or parcel of real property.

Land Use IDF
Commercial 0.85
Industrial 0.75
Multi-family 0.60
Transportation 0.50
Institutional 0.40
Residential up to 10,000 s.f. 0.25
Residential 10,001 s.f. or larger 0.20
Agriculture 0.08
Park 0.05
Undeveloped 0.00

The Equivalent Runoff Unit is a value based on the parameters used in the stormwater management utility rate structure which represents one unit of stormwater runoff. SMU has determined this figure to be $42.48 for one year.

SMU funds may only be used for stormwater purposes according to the City of Cincinnati’s Municipal Code section 720-51.

How are these funds used?
Budget Allocation for a 12 Month Period.

  • Operations and Maintenance: approximately $4,593,000
  • Planning, Design, Capital Improvements, Debt Service: approximately $1,841,000
  • SMU Billing and Administration: approximately $934,000
    • 24 budgeted employees
  • Street sweeping and parks drainage maintenance: approximately $2,242,000

For additional information regarding these fees and for specific billing data, contact SMU staff:

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