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    The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) protects the environment and public health through the collection and treatment of wastewater for 43 of the 49 political subdivisions in Hamilton County, Ohio, and small parts of Butler, Clermont, and Warren counties.

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    MSD's service area encompasses 290+ square miles and serves a population of more than 850,000. MSD maintains about 3,000 miles of sanitary and combined sewers and operates seven major wastewater treatment plants, more than 100 pump stations, two package treatment plants and several high-rate treatment facilities. About 160 million gallons of wastewater is treated daily. Do you know where the water goes when you flush? View our "Where does it go?" video. Learn more about MSD's treatment plants and other facilities. Major Treatment Plants (click for larger view)

    MSD has a ratepayer base of about 226,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. Within that base, it monitors about 200 industrial users who discharge pre-treated waste into the sewer system.

    Organization & Structure

    MSD was formed in 1968 as a county sewer district under state law. Prior to 1968, the City of Cincinnati operated an independent municipal sewer district that served city residents and 23 suburban communities. MSD is governed by a 50-year agreement between the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, known as the 1968 Agreement. As set forth in this Agreement, the City is responsible for the management and operation of the sewer district, while the Board of County Commissioners of Hamilton County, Ohio retains the authority to establish sewer service charges, adopt rules and regulations, and approve operating and capital improvement program (CIP) budgets. The agreement expired on April 30, 2018, but has been extended indefinitely by U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett.

    MSD has more than 600 employees who work for the City of Cincinnati.


    Diana Christy is MSD's Director. She was appointed on December 15, 2019 by City Manager Patrick Duhaney, after serving as Interim Director since June 2018. You can reach Diana at (513) 244-1328 or Diana.Christy@cincinnati-oh.gov.

    Learn more about MSD divisions and superintendents.

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    MSD's Mission, Vision, and Values

    MSD's Mission, Vision, and Values were updated in spring 2019 through a survey of employees:


    MSD collects, treats, and manages wastewater from Greater Cincinnati communities, protecting the environment and public health by returning clean water to local rivers and streams.


    Our vision is to provide exceptional customer service to the community, delivered in a manner that is financially responsible, transparent, and cost effective to our ratepayers. As a public utility, MSD is dedicated to organizational and operational excellence.


    MSD subscribes to the following values:

    • To be Accountable
    • To be Ethical
    • To be Respectful
    • To act with Integrity
    • To serve as Stewards of the Environment and Public Health

    Contact Us

    Report a Sewer Backup:
    (513) 352-4900 24/7 or online

    Customer Call Center:
    (513) 352-4900 24/7

    Project Customer Service:
    (513) 557-3594

    Development Services:
    (513) 244-1330

    Media Inquiries:
    (513) 557-7095


    MSD Mailing Address:
    1600 Gest St.
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

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