Wet Weather Bundles

MSD's Project Groundwork is a comprehensive plan that includes over 300 defined sewer projects and various County-wide allowances currently scheduled to be completed by 2029, plus an additional $1.03B in asset management projects required to maintain its current level of service.

To make execution of these projects more manageable, individual projects were grouped into "bundles." Bundles are projects grouped together based upon a number of factors such as hydraulic dependency, geographic location, common capacity and/or water quality issues. From now through 2029, MSD expects to complete 73 bundles.

City Purchasing has chosen a two-step process for selecting planning and design services. City Purchasing will first advertise a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). After screening qualification statements, City Purchasing will request proposals (RFP) from a short-list of firms.

The purpose of this website is to provide information to firms interested in submitting qualifications to the City of Cincinnati for the WWIP bundles. On the bundle documents page (link below), you will find a directory containing a number of folders. The folder called "general_documents" contains information that pertains to all bundle projects. Other folders are named corresponding to individual bundles and contain documentation specific to those bundles.

It is important that all firms interested in submitting Qualifications read and review both the general documentation and the specific information for each bundle.

Please note that the files and information in the bundle documents area is subject to change. Interested parties should check this site regularly for updates to bundle documents. Some of these files are extremely large (over 200MB each in a few cases), so download times may be considerable. It is highly recommended that you download these files using a high-speed internet connection.

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For further information about downloading files for Wet Weather Bundles, please contact the MSD Engineering Customer Service Line at (513) 557-3594. For information about the projects themselves, please contact the Project Managers for each of the projects themselves.

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