Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program: Forms

The following is a listing and usage description of current SBE program forms:

Form Name Description
Form 172 Annual S/M/WBE Utilization Form.
SBE Goal Compliance Plan This packet contains the SBE Goal Compliance Plan Cover Page, Subcontractor Utilization Plan, Waiver Request Form and Affidavit, and SBE Subcontractors Good Faith Efforts Summary Sheets.
MSDGC Subcontractor Utilization Plan for Construction Projects (Statement of Intent to Utilize Firms) This form is used by the Prime contractor to identify the firms the subcontractor(s) that will work on the project.
MSDGC Subcontractor Substitution Form This form is used by Prime contractors when a subcontractor listed on the Subcontractor Utilization Plan (Statement Of Intent To Utilize Firms) is being replaced.
MSDGC Adding New Subcontractor This form is used by Prime contractors when new subcontractors are being added and no subcontractor substitution occurs.
SBE Language for RFPs SBE Language to be used in Project-Defined RFQ/RFP.
MSDGC Consultant\SubConsultant Utilization Plan for RFQ & RFP This form is to be used by Consultants\SubConsultants to submit Utilization Plan for RFQ & RFP.

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