Contract Compliance Forms

The following is a listing and usage description of current Contract Compliance program forms:

Form Name Description
Form 00 68 06
(formerly Form 104)
Affidavit of Contractor or Subcontractor Prevailing Wage. Originals required and due with final payment request.
Form 122 Equal Employment Opportunity flyer - must be posted at all MSD construction project sites.
Form 147 EEO Form for Construction and Professional Services Projects (EEO Program Guidance). Required of all Prime Contractors prior to award and shall remain on file for one year.
Form 208, MSD Subcontractor Approval & Substitution Request Form (for all types of construction contracts) Subcontractor Approval & Substitution Request Form - must be submitted for approval by the MSD Contract Compliance Program Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the start date for a subcontractor to be used on any MSD construction project.
MSD Contract Compliance Program Project Reporting Requirements Checklist for Contractors and Subcontractors Contract Compliance Checklist - it is recommended that this checklist be followed during the course of a MSD construction project to ensure compliance.
Prevailing Wage Note to Employee This form should be completed for each employee not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
Prevailing Wage Complaint Form Required form for Prevailing Wage Complaints filed with MSD Contract Compliance Office
Davis Bacon Poster Notice of employee rights under Davis-Bacon Act - required to be posted at all projects that fall under the federal Davis-Bacon Act wage rates.

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