• West Price Hill Gasoline Leak

    Overview of Incident

    A gasoline leak occurred from a fuel line at the Fast Stop gas station at 4501 W. 8th Street in West Price Hill in December 2020. About 360 gallons of gasoline leaked into the ground presumably above the gas station's private building sewer.

    Fumes from the leaked gasoline then entered the public sewer system and other underground trenches and entered area homes and businesses.

    Odors were reported by residents in the vicinity of West 8th Street and Pedretti Avenue on December 24, 2020, with Cincinnati Fire and MSD responding to the calls.

    MSD began flushing the sewers on December 24. On December 25, MSD began looking for the source of the odors, and the Cincinnati Fire Department began door-to-door visits of properties in the neighborhood.

    On December 26, the Cincinnati Fire Department ordered the gas station to close its gas pumps and empty its gasoline storage tanks. The gas station cannot reopen until it is in full compliance with state regulations.

    The Cincinnati Fire Department is in charge of emergency response (addressing the immediate threat caused by the leaked gasoline). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ohio EPA, MSD, and the Cincinnati Health Department are assisting the fire department.

    The gas station owner has hired a qualified environmental consultant, ATC Group Services of Sharonville, to assist with immediate corrective actions, investigation, and cleanup of the leak.

    The Bureau of Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) is in charge of ensuring compliance with underground storage tank regulations and is overseeing the work done by ATC.

    Photo of Fast Stop Gas Station sign

    Community Safety

    • The Cincinnati Fire Department continues to monitor the air in homes and businesses in the area upon request.
    • Streets that were impacted by fumes include portions of West 8th Street, Overlook Avenue, Pedretti Avenue, Hermosa Avenue, Carnation Drive, Cappel Drive, and Schulte Drive.
    • The U.S. EPA took air samples inside several area homes and businesses on December 28-29. Those properties have received a letter from the Ohio Department of Health with the results.
    • Drinking water has not been impacted by this leak. If you have questions about your drinking water, please contact GCWW at (513) 591-7700.
    • If you are continuing to experience fumes in your home, please take the following actions:
      • - Stop using ignition sources such as candles, matches, gas stoves, cigarettes, lighters, and any other flaming devices.
      • - Run water in basement floor drains to reduce fumes and odors in the home. If the drains don’t have a trap (U-shaped portion of the pipe), they should be plugged to stop odors from entering homes.
      • - Crack windows to reduce fumes that may cause irritation
    • If you have health-related questions, please contact the Cincinnati Drug & Poison Control Center at (513) 636-5111. If you have an immediate health concern, or are experiencing symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, loss of coordination, euphoria, nausea, or disorientation, please contact your medical doctor or call 911.

    Photo of US EPA START Team

    Emergency Response/Immediate Corrective Action

    Here is the current status update:

    • Beginning the week of January 25, M&M, a local contractor, will install an upgraded piping system, including double-walled fuel lines with containment sumps at the tanks and gasoline dispensers. The sumps will be alarmed to notify the gas station operators of any potential leaks. M&M was hired by the gas station owner.
    • ATC, the environmental consultant hired by the gas station owner, installed four boring wells the week of January 18 around the gas station property to take samples. The soil sampling results should be back by early February. ATC also plans to take groundwater samples when there is enough groundwater to sample.
    • ATC has installed a vapor extraction system to remove gasoline vapors from the private building sewer trench.
    • MSD continues to flush sewers in the area to minimize gasoline fumes.
    • The Cincinnati Fire Department continues to sample air in local properties upon request and will be on site to inspect all site activities.

    Cross Section View of Underground Tanks, Piping, and Private Building Sewer: Photo showing area of underground gasoline storage tanks at the gas station

    Aerial View of Gas Station Property: Photo showing area of underground gasoline storage tanks at the gas station

    Cutaway of Gasoline Storage Tank, Piping, and Dispenser with Containment Sumps: Photo showing area of underground gasoline storage tanks at the gas station

    MSD Flushing Sewers on Pedretti Avenue:

    Photo of sewer flushing


    Here is the current status update:

    • Cleanup work has not yet begun because the focus is still on emergency response/immediate corrective action.
    • ATC, the environmental consultant hired by the gas station owner, is responsible for developing and implementing the cleanup plan.
    • Cincinnati Fire Department, as designated by BUSTR, will oversee the work done by ATC to ensure it is done in accordance with state regulations.

    Photo showing area of underground gasoline storage tanks at the gas station

    Claims Process

    • The gas station owner has a Certificate of Coverage (similar to insurance) with the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Board (PUSTRCB). This covers individual leaks up to $1 million per incident.
    • If property owners would like to submit a claim related to this incident, here are the steps:
      1. Assemble quotes or receipts for expenses incurred by this incident.
      2. Submit your name, address, and your quotes/receipts to Dan Adams, ATC Group Services, dan.adams@atcgs.com
      3. If you do not have access to email or if you have additional questions about the claims process, please contact Dan by phone at (513) 505-8481 (mobile) or (513) 771-2112, Ext. 241 (office).

    For More Information

    • For more information, please contact Deb Leonard, Communications Manager at MSD, at (513) 316-7510 or MSD.Communications@cincinnati-oh.gov. MSD is coordinating communications among all the agencies for this incident.

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