Water Quality - Little Miami Study

Little Miami Study

The Little Miami study was conducted in 2012, and a study report titled the Biological and Water Quality Study of Little Miami and Tributaries 2012 was published in 2013 by MSD's consultant, the Midwest Biodiversity Institute.

The study included the main portion (or mainstem) of the Little Miami River from U.S. Route 22 in Maineville (River Mile 27.9) to just upstream of the mouth of the Ohio River. The study also included a number of tributaries including Polk Run, Sycamore Creek, Dry Run, Duck Creek, Ninemile Creek, Five Mile Creek, Turtle Creek, Clough Creek, O’Bannon Creek and the East Fork of the Little Miami River, among others.

This watershed covers a drainage area of about 1,760 square miles. The upper portion of the Little Miami River mainstem is mostly rural with some suburban development; the lower portions are more urban in nature.

Although East Fork and O’Bannon Creek are outside the MSD service area, they were included because they are a tributary to the Little Miami River and of potential significant influence on the River.

As part of the study, standardized biological, chemical and physical monitoring and assessment techniques were employed using Ohio EPA methods and criteria. Sampling was conducted at 111 sites between June and October (including three reference sites). The biological sampling and analysis was performed by Level 3 qualified data collectors and under a study plan approved by the Ohio EPA.

Highlights of the study are as follows:

  • General Conditions
  • Aquatic Life Use Attainment Status
  • Recreational Use Status

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