Industrial User Resources

As part of our continuing effort to enhance customer service, the following forms and reference materials are provided for our Industrial Users (IUs). If you have questions concerning the MSD Pretreatment Program, which regulates IUs, please contact MSD's Commercial Waste section at (513) 557-7000. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you in determining whether your company is covered by these regulations, as well as answering your questions on the subject of industrial wastewater processing and disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of Frequently Asked Questions.

List of Permitted Waste Haulers

Click here for a list of haulers that are registered with MSD and permitted to discharge industrial waste at MSD facilities. Refer to the haulers with an X in the Industrial column only.

Permitted Industrial Users

Click here for a list of permitted Industrial Users that are registered with MSD and permitted to discharge industrial waste to MSD.

Surcharge Program

Click here to learn more about MSD's Surcharge Program.

Food Service Establishments

Click here to learn more about MSD's Food Service Establishments & Restaurants Program.

Auxiliary Meter Program

Click here to learn more about MSD's Auxiliary Meter (S-Meters) Program.

U.S. EPA Dental Amalgam Rule

Click here to learn more about the U.S. EPA's dental amalgam rule.

Wastewater Discharge Permit Applications (WDPA)

Note:  MSD has changed to a modular permit system.  Please use new forms below.  All submittals must include a Sewer Use Customer Application and all other applicable forms.


  • Pretreatment Program Rules, Regulations & Policies: From this page, you can access portions of MSD Rules & Regulations, which lays out MSD's fundamental powers and responsibilities. The portions include revisions to the Pretreatment Program approved by OEPA and the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners.
  • Enforcement Response Plan: This plan establishes the responsibilities and procedures MSD uses to enforce pretreatment and other pertinent standards relating to industrial wastes.
  • Monitoring Station Requirements & Guidance (161 KB): DIW requirements for an industrial wastewater monitoring station. These requirements are specified to minimize safety risk to employees and to reduce the cost of operating a monitoring station. DIW periodically monitors wastewater discharges by collecting representative samples using flow proportional composite sampling techniques.
  • Batch Discharge Requirements:Requirements for a single daily batch discharge tank for process wastewater.
  • MSD Industrial Stormwater Policy (43 KB): The review of wet weather discharges is an important requirement for permitted industrial customers. Implementation of the actions required by this policy will reduce the volume of polluted stormwater discharged to the MSD system and control the rate of stormwater discharged from permitted industrial customers into the MSD combined sewers.
  • Rates & Charges: Information on MSD's charges for sewerage service, including surcharge rates.

Industrial Waste Policies

Reporting & Compliance

  • Periodic Compliance Report (PCR) Guidance: The PCR was formerly known as the Self Monitoring Report (SMR). Reference information for completing the PCR may be found in this document.
  • Spill & Slug Control Plan (SSCP) Guidance (126 KB): The regulations pertinent to an IU's SSCP may be found in this handy reference.
  • Required Posted Notice / Aviso en Español: This notice is to be placed at all IUs on a bulletin board accessible to all employees. It lists the phone number to contact MSD in the event of a discharge violation.
  • Quarterly Violation Report (select a report from the list below):
  • Annual Effective Report (select a report from the list below):

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