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Bid Results: Winton 1 & 2 and Sherwood Pump Stations  Consolidation


This project has been bid and the construction contract is being processed. For bidding/contract details or information on the contract status, please contact the Contract Administrator listed in the table below. For project-specific details, please contact the Project Manager at the number listed in the table below.


Bid Results

Project Name

Winton 1 & 2 and Sherwood Pump Stations  Consolidation

Project ID


Bid Opened


Project Type


Low Bidder

Howell Contractors   (General Construction) **

Low Bid


Legislated Amount


Contract Status

Contract Processing

Project Manager

James Curry @ (513) 244-1372

Contract Administrator

Mary Mount @ (513) 244-1383

Time to Complete

Fifteen (15) months after contract award

**B & J Electrical Company, Inc. $98,040.00

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